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Mission Statement and Objectives

Mission Statement:

The SAYPAA committee is the national committee of South African Young People of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are a service committee whose purpose is to make AA more attractive to young people, thereby carrying the message to the alcoholic who suffers.


1. To host events that mix fun, fellowship, and AA meetings.
2. Facilitate communication between AA members who carry the message to young people: about what AA is, what AA can and can’t do for alcoholics, how to contact AA, and that AA welcomes young alcoholics too!
3. To work along side with Area and GSO to carry the message to young people via:
– PI (public information including schools, universities, youth groups)
– CPC (professional communities)
– TF (treatment centres and hospitals), and
– CF (youth correctional facilities)

What is “Young”?

All AA members are welcome.
“Young people” implies:
– any AA member in their 30’s or younger OR
– who got sober young OR
– any AA member who wants to carry the message to young people OR
– anyone who just wants to attend a young people’s event OR
– anyone “with room to grow”.

For AA members who would like to join our closed Facebook Group, please email us with “Facebook Group request” in the subject line, along with your Facebook Profile Name: saypaa@yahoo.com